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everytime you close your eyes

lies, lies

24 May
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So basically I hate these "About Me"'s. Cause I am the most boring, un-fun (if that is a word) person ever and I have nothing to say about myself. I guess I'm shy. And I don't really talk much, because whenever I say something I think about it after I say it, instead of before and I always regret saying it. I like the autumn and whenever I see a pretty tree I gasp. It would probably annoy you. I like music, like everyone else. Except I am not afriad to admit I like some rap. So that makes me better then all of you. I am obsessed with Eisley and the Dredsen Dolls right now. Listen to them if you haven't. You'd be doing yourself a favor. I like to take pictures, almost every update involves a picture or two... hundred. And if you don't like my pictures, you have bad taste, delete me. I don't want people on my list that don't care. Eh... I love Canadians. Degrassi... and stuff. I love Degrassi. Mary-Kate Olsen too. She's... cool.

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